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JDS - GADGET FOR NEW LIFE Collection x Rapunzel Diffuser with Light Function

$108.00 USD

Exclusive GADGET FOR NEW LIFE Collection is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • Designed Rapunzel and Tiara. Diffuser that can also be used for indirect lighting.
  • A nice design featuring simple coloring. The character silhouette is expressed under the tiara that imaged Rapunzel ♪ Not only the appearance but also the practicality ◎.
  • When using the diffuser, it has an anhydrous power off function that automatically stops the switch to prevent empty heating when the water level drops. You can use it as indirect lighting in night light mode, or connect your USB cord to the USB connector near the outlet to charge other devices!
  • Size:
    • Package: Height approx. 18 x Width 9.5 x Depth 9.5 (cm)
    • Body: Height approx. 15 x Diameter 7 (cm)
    • USB cable: Length approx. 95 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    * Some aroma oils contain ingredients that dissolve plastics (oil-based, etc.). Use only natural extracts (100%). Do not use synthetic fragrances. If it adheres to the main body, it may cause discoloration, deformation, or malfunction. Please read the instruction manual, precautions and ingredients of aroma oil carefully before use.
    * Accessories: USB cable, USB connector cap, refill filter (1 point)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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