JDS - Donald Duck Grand Blue Collection - Stainless Steel Bottle

$63.00 USD

New & Exclusive at Japan Disney Store!

  • Donald's stainless steel bottle. 
  • Color block design expressed in the image color of the character, blue black white yellow. The bottle is a one-touch type that can be opened with one hand. As it can be locked, it is safe when carrying it. Keep warm and cool so it can be used all year round! 
  • Beach and pool, leisure scene such as picnic by all means ☆ 
  • Size: Body: Height about 23 × Diameter 6 (cm)
  • [Specifications]
    * Actual volume: 0.4 liters
    * Heat retention effect: 66 degrees or more (6 hours)
    * Cold storage effect: 10 degrees or less (6 hours)
    * Heat resistance (lid, spout, packing: 100 degrees)
    * Cold resistance (lid -Mouth-packing: -20 degrees)

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store


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