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JDS - D-Made Disney x Kanahei (Custom-Made Mug) - Winnie the Pooh

$58.00 USD

D-Made is a shop Disney limited product series that "finds what you want". From a wide variety of characters, art styles, and product combinations, get the special items that express your life.

A mug made of pottery that makes the character stand out because it is simple. Give your favorite art a name or message for a special moment. Recommended as a gift.

[Name entry] Up to 9 letters of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers

*Input the name entry in Note at Check out.
* When entering your name, make sure that there are no mistakes in spelling such as vowels. (Example: In the case of Yuko, Yuko or Yuuko, in the case of Yuuki: Yuki or Yuuki) Please note that we will process with the entered contents.
* Please be sure to check that there are no mistakes in entering the name.
* Depending on the customer's environment, the color and appearance of the expression may differ from the actual product.


* When cleaning, avoid using abrasive scrubbing brushes, metal scrubbing brushes, cleansers, etc.
* This product may be damaged due to the characteristics of the material. Please handle with care.
* Do not drag the pottery on the table. It may be scratched.
* Do not handle pottery roughly as it is vulnerable to shocks.
* There is a risk of damage due to sudden temperature changes.
* You cannot use an open fire or an oven.
* Dishwasher cannot be used.
* You can use the microwave. However, please note that using it for a long time may damage the design.
* Because pottery is water-absorbent, please avoid soaking and washing after use. Also, after cleaning, allow it to dry sufficiently before storing it.

Size: Height approx. 9.5 x Width 11.2 x Depth 8 (cm)

Material: Pottery

    Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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