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JDS - D.I. Wow! Embroidery Badges Set x Mickey Mouse

$17.00 USD

New & Exclusive D.I. Wow! Embroidery Badges Set is released at Japan Disney Store Today!

  • Embroidery emblem of both seal and iron adhesive type. Mickey motif appeared.
  • Mickey hand and icon, character initial "M" set of three. It is glossy because it is expressed by embroidery, and its presence is ◎ despite its small size. It is easy to use because it is used for both sealing and ironing.
  • And Sumahokesu (not supplied) of the same series, your existing stationery, enjoying the original item making put such as the porch ♪
  • Package: Vertical about 11 × horizontal 8 × thickness 0.4 (cm)
    Initial: vertical about 3.8 × horizontal 3 × thickness 0.2 (cm)
    Icon: vertical about 2.2 × horizontal 2.5 × thickness 0.2 (cm)
    Hand: vertical about 2.4 × horizontal 2.8 × thickness 0.2 (cm)


Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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