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JDS - Cinderella, Jack, Gas Sliding Spray-type Atomizer

$41.00 USD

Exclusive Sliding Metallic Silhouette Atomizer is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!

  • Fashionably carry your favorite scent. A spray-type atomizer is now available from "Cinderella".
  • An elegant bottle with a character silhouette design. The metallic blue gives an adult-like impression.
  • The slim shape is palm-sized, so it's perfect for carrying around. It is a rotary slide type without a cap, so it can be used easily. It is an item that is useful for adding scents to travel scenes and outings ♪
  • Size:
    • Package: Height approx. 14.2 x Width 5.2 x Depth 5.2 (cm)
    • Body: Height approx. 10.2 x Diameter 2.4 (cm)
    • Dropper: Length approx. 6.5 (cm)
  • Material: Aluminum / POM / Plastic
  • [Specifications]
    * This product was developed for refilling commercially available perfumes. Please note that adding essential oils, deodorants, etc. may cause problems.

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store


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