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JDS - CAT DAY 2022 x Marie AirPods Pro Case

$44.00 USD

Exclusive CAT DAY 2022 Collection will be released at Japan Disney Store on Jan 28~!

  • Designed Marie, the cat character that appears in "Fashionable Cat". The case for AirPods is now available.
  • Designed with a lovely character face expressed with an adult-like touch in a leather-like case. The mofumofu pompon on the side is a cute point ♪
  • As well as the case, there is a hole in the bottom so you can charge it while it is in the case.
  • Size: Approximately 5.5 x 6 x 3 (cm) thick
  • [Specifications]
    * This product is for AirPods Pro. Some models cannot be used depending on the model, so please check in advance before using.
    * Snap button open / close type

    Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store

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