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JDS - Belle Eyelash Curler with Charm (Look at Me)

$36.00 USD

New & Exclusive Look at Me Collection is released at Japan Disney Store Today~~!

  • Comes with a cute charm. Introducing the bell-designed eyelash curler.
  • The belle-like metallic gold curler has a name logo and rose flower design on the frame! A die-cut charm with a character silhouette is also included ♪
  • Try to fit the frame to the curve of the eyelids, pinch the eyelashes, and curl it in 3 to 4 times while shifting it from the root to the tip of the hair. If you curl it around, you will surely have a perfect look like a Disney princess ♪
  • Size:
    • Package: Height approx. 15 x Width 10 x Depth 3.8 (cm)
    • Body: Length approx. 10 x Width 3.8 x Thickness 6.8 (cm)
    • Charm: Length approx. 3.5 x Width 2.8 x Thickness 0.2 (cm) / Chain length approx. 6 ( cm)
  • Material: Eyelash curler body (steel) / rubber (silicon rubber) / charm (zinc alloy)


    Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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