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JDS - Aladdin Rajah Plush Keychain

$43.00 USD

Exclusive Plush Keychain is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • Introducing the stuffed toy key chain of Raja, the tiger character that appears in "Aladdin".
  • Jasmine's pet big tiger, Raja. The crisp and fearless look that is typical of Rajah, who also acts as Jasmine's bodyguard, is firmly expressed.
  • Fans must see the items that are full of character charm! By all means to accent your bag or pouch.
  • Size:
    • Overall length: Approximately 22 (cm)
    • Character: Height approximately 17 x Width 10 x Depth 11 (cm)
    • Chain: Length approximately 14 (cm)
  • Material: Polyester

Photo Credit: Japan Disney Store 

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