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Japan Sanrio - Plastic Case x Pochacco

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New & Exclusive Plastic Case is released in Japan Today~!

  • Refreshment anytime, anywhere ☆
  • The soft and clear pastel color tickles the maiden gokoro ★ With a partition that is easy to use as an accessory case ♪
  • Size:
    • Case: Approximately 8 x 1.5 x 12.5 cm
    • Confectionery Contents: 8 g
  • Materials: Case: PP,
    refreshing confectionery: glucose, cornstarch (not genetically modified), peach juice, dextrin, acidulant, emulsifier, flavor, sweetener (sucralose), coloring (red cabbage, gardenia jasminoides), (partly milk component・ Including thighs)
  • Details:
    • Tablet: Peach mint flavor
    • The case can also be used as a hairpin, accessory, medicine, acrylic stand holder
    • The case has a removable partition
    • Best-by date: February 15, 2022

Photo credit: Sanrio Japan


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