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Japan Sanrio - Kuromi Camera Shaped Lighting Keychain

$25.00 USD

Exclusive Camera Shaped Lighting Keychain is released in Japan Today~!

  • A cute key chain with a gimmick that shines ☆
  • Add a face design to a cool camera ★ When you press the shutter, the flash will shine and make a sound, so it's convenient to use as a light ♪
  • Size: Approximately 6.4 x 2.7 x 5.3 cm * Chain not included
  • Materials: ABS resin
  • Details:
    • Realistic light and sound
    • It is a fun and convenient mascot light that can be used in 3 ways
      • Flash & shutter sound
      • LED light
      • Mirror
    • Battery replaceable, Uses 3 LR41 button batteries (* for trial use) (With button battery)
  • Continuous lighting time: Approximately 12 hours
    * Since the mirror is made of plastic, distortion can be seen. Please note.

Photo credit: Sanrio Japan


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