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Japan Sanrio - Hello Kitty Mask Case with Magnet (Black)

$43.00 USD

Exclusive Mask Case with Magnet is released at Japan Sanrio Store Today~

  • You can take it out quickly before going out! Convenient mask case ☆
  • It sticks tightly with a magnet, so it's perfect for the entrance ★ You can take it out one by one quickly, and it's hygienic without dust.
  • Size: Approximately 19×10.5×10.1cm
  • Materials: polystyrene
  • Details:
    • the mask of ordinary size of about 50 sheets can be accommodated
      also for children mask or smaller size that does not fall from
    • the outlet can be accommodated because with
    • magnet, can be used in the attachment, such as the front door
    • dust in the mask because there is a lid You can keep it clean without wearing it.
    • When you open the lid, you can put in a mask and take it out from below.

Photo credit: Sanrio Japan


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