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Japan Sanrio - Hangyodan Chopsticks & Spoon

$48.00 USD

Exclusive Chopsticks & Spoon is released in Japan Today~!

  • Lunch goods that are very useful at home ☆
  • It's hard to make a rattling noise, so it's stress-free to carry around. ★ It's dishwasher compatible, so it's easy to clean up afterwards ♪
  • Case: Approximately 18.8 x 5.9 x 1.8 cm, Chopsticks length: Approximately 18 cm, Spoon length: Approximately 18 cm
  • Materials. AS resin, ABS resin, methacrylic resin, silicone rubber
  • Details: Antibacterial processing, Dishwasher compatible, Case that does not rattle, With silicone cushion
  • Contents: Chopsticks and spoon set
  • Made in Japan

    Photo credit: Sanrio Japan


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