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Japan Sanrio - Anti-Virus Multi-Case x Hangyodon

$46.00 USD

New & Exclusive Anti-Virus Multi-Case is released in Japan Today~!

  • Made in Japan for peace of mind with antiviral processing that reduces specific viruses ☆
  • The pop design makes your heart dance ★ Perfect for carrying things you want to keep clean, such as masks, tissues, and smartphones
  • Size: Approximately 22 x 0.2 x 11 cm
  • Materials: Katsuragi (Twill)
  • Details:
    • Uses an antiviral film with an antiviral processing agent kneaded inside the case.
    • It is thin and not bulky for storing and carrying spare masks and temporarily removed masks, so you can carry the mask cleanly without getting dirty.
    • Smartphone You can cleanly store small items that you want to keep hygiene, such as viruses, pocket tissues, and toothbrushes.

Photo credit: Sanrio Japan


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