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Japan Nintendo - Super Mario Family Life - Stacking Cup Set

$85.00 USD

New & Exclusive at Japan Nintendo!!

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Product size (approx.): Diameter 83mm x Height 94mm
  • Capacity: 340ml
  • [Cold-resistant temperature] -20 degrees
  • [Heat-resistant temperature] 140 degrees
    * Dishwasher compatible
    * Microwave oven compatible

  • [Precautions for use]
    ・ Do not place near fire.
    ・ Do not use in a commercial dishwasher / dryer.
    ・ Do not use scrubbing brush or scouring powder.
    ・ Do not use alkaline detergent or orange oil detergent as the pattern may peel off or discolor.

  • [Precautions for handling microwave oven]
    ・ Do not heat in the air.
    -Since it is exclusively for high-frequency heating, do not use it on an open flame, oven or grill.
    ・ Be careful not to get burned as it gets hot immediately after heating in the microwave.
    ・ Do not use the microwave for automatic heating or automatic heating.
    ・ If the amount of food or beverage is small, or if you want to heat food or beverage with a lot of oil or water, shorten the heating time.

Photo Credit: Japan Nintendo

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