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Japan KitKat - KitKat Mini Azuki Sandwich (12 Pieces)

$23.00 USD

Inspired by the taste of the popular coffee shop "Ogura Toast", it sandwiched azuki bean cream on crispy wafers. Enjoy the nostalgic and elegant taste of "Ogura Toast", which was born in the Taisho era and is still loved by people.

Size: Height 123mm Width 201mm Depth 22mm

Contents: 12 pieces

    Preservation method: Store in a cool place below 28 ° C, avoiding high humidity.

    Best-by date: Printed on each product.


    • The surface of this product may become white when it cools and hardens after it becomes soft at high temperatures. This is a separated fat and oil, and although it may have a poor flavor, it does not harm the body when eaten.
    • This product uses the same equipment as products containing eggs, almonds, and sesame seeds.


    Photo Credit: Nestlé Japan Official Website


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