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Japan Gonoturn x Tottoko Hamutaro - Oxnard (Koushi-kun) Reusable Mouth Mask

$42.00 USD

Disclaimer: this reusable mouth mask may NOT be effectively prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is an item of the Kokukun specification that was directly incorporated into the mask design, including the white and gray spots that are the origin of the name. The material is short, bristle, smooth, soft and warm, while the eyes and beard are embroidered to give movement. Items that can be used in a variety of situations, such as keeping warm and avoiding dryness under the cold weather and and keeping the photo cute with a cute appearance even when going out to work, such as commuting to school, in offices, schools, buildings, etc. is.

Tags and packages are also designed exclusively for this initiative, so it is recommended as a gift along with other lineups.

Comes with two pieces of gauze along with the mask.


Material: Polyester

Country of origin: China

Photo credit: Gonoturn Official Website

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