Japan Disney - "Fluffy to Your Heart" Plush

$89.00 USD

Japan Disney x Takara Tomy Funwanade (Fluffy) Collection

The plush is very soft and melt your heart when you hug them.

Size M Plush: 

  • Mickey Mouse:     W275 x H340 x D200 (mm)
  • Minnie Mouse:      W275 x H340 x D200 (mm)
  • Donald Duck:        W230 x H310 x D200 (mm)
  • Winnie the Pooh:  W220 x H310 x D180 (mm)
  • Stitch:                    W380 x H310 x D200 (mm)

Size S Plush:

  • Mickey Mouse:      W180 x H220 x D130 (mm)
  • Minnie Mouse:      W180 x H220 x D130 (mm)
  • Donald Duck:        W160 x H220 x D140 (mm)
  • Winnie the Pooh:  W170 x H220 x D120 (mm)
  • Stitch:                    W270 x H215 x D140 (mm)

Photo credit: Takara Tomy Official Website

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