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HKDL/SHDS/DLR - Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction Series - July (King Arthur Carousel)

$65.00 USD

Release Date: Unknown

Please READ the following item terms and conditions carefully before placing your order. Once the order is placed, we will NOT fully refund until WE cancel your order due to the item unavailability. Please DO NOT preorder if you don’t agree with any of the following terms and conditions. 

  1. Release Date
    Shopdisney USA has not announced the Official Released Date yet. And we are not 100% sure if the California Disneyland Resort will continue to carry the collection or not since there are a lot of unofficial rumor around. We only believe what we read from the official announcement. So this preorder may take months to fulfill. Please be patient if you would like to preorder one.
    1. Pin, Mug & Plush Toy Release Date
      Normally, Shanghai Disney Store (SHDS) would release the pin set, the plush and the mug on the 20th every month. But delay has been happened in the past months, so it may be happened again for the July series as well. Again, we cannot guarantee the ship out date. 
    2. Headband & Backpack Release Date
      For the headband and the backpack, our sources are from Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland and California Disneyland Resort only and the released date are unknown. Just for your information, Hong Kong Disneyland is still only carrying the merchandise until March as of June 19.
  2. NOT 100% Guarantee for the Fulfillment
    We don’t 100% guarantee that we can fulfill your order but we will do our very best to get the items for you from Different locations- like Shanghai Disney Store, Hong Kong Disneyland. 
  3. First Order First Serve Policy & NO Price Adjustment
    We straightly follow our First Order First Serve policy. We must fulfill your order first even the later order is charged at a higher price. We may adjust the price a lower point from time to time depending on the park inventory. But once the order is placed, there is NO price adjustment & price match even your order is not shipped yet. Just like we won’t charge you more even our cost may go up in the pick up process. 
  4. USA Shipping
    Free surface registered mail shipping is offered for the USA customers and the estimated delivery time is about 44 to 73 business days. If Hong Kong Post has resumed the airmail service from Hong Kong to USA by the time the package is ready to go, we will use airmail service automatically. Customer can also pay extra to upgrade the shipping at check out. But once you pay for the express shipping, we will NOT refund the shipping even the regular airmail service is resumed later or the item is going out from the Los Angeles directly. You can always upgrade the shipping before we ship, but you cannot downgrade it.
  5. Cancellation
    Cancellation is acceptable within two hours after the order has been placed and 8% cancellation fee will be charged for canceling orders. The customer must email us within the time frame for the cancellation or exchange. All cancellation request after two-hour time frame will not be granted.
  6. Fair Business
    We would like to list out everything clear, so both of the parties have a consent and minimize the argument in the future. If you have any concerns, please email or private message us before placing the order. Once you placed the order, we have your consent about these terms and conditions.
  7. Please read thru our Company's general term & conditions as well before placing the order.
  8. In case of dispute, our Company reserves the right to make the final decision.
  9. Our Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  10. Thank you for your understanding. If you agree with everything above, you can continue to process the order.


Product Description:

Bow-So-Sweet Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction Series is a new Minnie Mouse products collection inspired by different Disney Parks attractions. Each series features a Minnie plush toy, mug, ear headband, Loungefly bag, and pin set. Collect them all!

Pre-order now, we will pick up and ship to you as soon as they are released in the park.

First Order First Served!!!

photo credit: Shop Disney

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