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HKDL - nuiMOs Outfit x Kimono Sakura Boy

$38.00 USD

New nuiMOs Outfit IS released at Hong Kong Disneyland~~!

  • Haori hakama set that feels spring. Introducing a costume exclusively for the "cool and cute" fashion model "nui MOs" in the stuffed toy world.
  • A spring-like kimono style that combines a light-colored kimono and hakama with a cherry-patterned haori made from chirimen, a woven fabric characterized by fine irregularities. Zori sandals with socks of the same color as the hakama are also included.
  • Enjoy the arrival of spring with Nuimozu ♪
  • Size:
    • Haori: Length 7.5 x Width 14 x Thickness 2 (cm)
    • Kimono & Hakama: Length 12 x Width 11.5 x Thickness 3.5 (cm)
    • Zori with socks (each): Height about 2.5 x Width 3.5 x Depth 4.5 (cm)
  • Materials: Main body material (polyester / cotton / nylon) / beads (ABS)

☆ ☆ This product is not included nuiMOs Plush Doll. Please note that it will be sold separately. ☆ ☆



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