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JDS - Princess Room Decoration - Mug x Belle

$43.00 USD

New & Exclusive Princess Room Decoration - Mug is released at Japan Disney Store Today~!

  • A mug of "Beauty and the Beast".
  • Gorgeous cup with legs and gold-colored handle. The art with motifs related to characters and works against the background of a nice navy has a fashionable adult-like color scheme. The point is the name logo designed like an emblem.
  • Comes in a cute adult box with the same pattern as the mug printed. It is also recommended as a gift.
  • Size:
    Box: Height approx. 11.5 x Diameter 12.5 (cm)
    Body: Height approx. 11 x Width 11.8 x Depth 8.2 (cm)
  • Material: Body (ceramic)
  • [Specifications]
    * Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees / Cold-resistant temperature: 0 degrees

Photo credit: Japan Disney Store

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