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TDR - Duffy & Friends ‘Carry Me Pochette’ (Preorder)

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New & Exclusive Duffy & Friends ‘Carry Me Pochette’ will be released at Tokyo Disney Sea on Aug 24!!

  • Carry Me Pochette, which you can spend with Duffy & Friends at any time, can be used in 3 ways , it's a big and easy task in many situations!
  • How to Use?
  • You can carry a stuffed animal
  • Can be used as a backpack for stuffed animals
  • You can use it as your own pochette
  • Specification:
  • This product is compatible with Duffy, Sherry Mae, Geratoni, Stella Lou, and Cookie Ann stuffed animals (S size).
  • ***It is not made in the size suitable for Ol-Mel.

Restocked Date is not announced yet.

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